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Heavy Duty Industrial vacuum hose

February 20, 2017

Heavy Duty Industrial vacuum hose Heavy duty industrial vacuum hoses comprise of 3 parts: Industrial Vacuum Hose
    1. Reinforcement
    2. The Tube
    3. The Cover
Each of these are typically attached to other components with layers of special rubber that is compounded for maximum adhesion. The hose is a flexible component while the tube is the innermost one and is made of rubber or plastic. Some hoses have tubes that are combinations of both for extra protection. The reinforcement is made from plastic or metal or both and it is incorporated directly into the body of the hose. The tube of the hose has to be resistant to the material it has to be used for and the main function of the hose should be to be strong enough to withstand strong internal pressures and other forces that might otherwise rupture it. The outer portion is typically made of plastic or rubber and the main function of the cover is to ensure the reinforcement is not damaged either from internal or external forces. The flexibility of industrial size hoses is typically determined with how much it can bend under force or by its minimum bend radius. This is the force that is required to make the hose bend without sustaining damages and without reducing its lifespan. The force-to-bend on the other hand is defined as the stress required to make the hose bend around that radius. The less this is, the easier the hose will be to handle on and off field. The material the hose is made of will determine the force that will be required to make it bend but the more flexible it is, the more useful it will be. That is of course if all of the other properties are valid. Any kink in the hose can damage the reinforcement.