Dust collectors and dust collection systems.

Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Systems.
Turnkey Installed by Processing Equipment. 

Expertly designed dust collection systems.  Dust collectors are NOT all the same.  Let our 20 years of experience help guide your equipment selection.  Call 859-543-8524 and let's talk.

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A 60,000 cfm stainless steel
cartridge dust collector.

Dust Collectors

Saving energy and increasing production efficiency while controlling indoor air quality is a challenging aspect of plant management.

Our collection systems have been successfully applied for more than 100 different types of dust across all manufacturing sectors.

Too Big?
See our section on small area media and cartridge units. 
Select your dust collector from among the following dust collection equipment.

  • Baghouse type dust collectors use fabric media and are a popular choice
  • Cylindrical Baghouse Filters are normally specified for wood dust
  • Cartridge systems allow compact housings for many applications
  • Cyclones are usually used for coarse material
  • Filters & Accessories including replacement filters and cartridges for most brand names.  
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Wet units for explosive dust

Wet units are self-contained, water recirculating type units for removing practically all kinds of industrial and foundry dusts from the exhaust system air. 

Dirt, lint, grindings, magnesium dust and other contaminant's that do not float in water are all thoroughly washed out and trapped as wet sludge. In many instances the clean air may be returned back into the plant for substantial savings in heat.

Installation is simple, as the units are shipped completely assembled, or in easily assembled sections as shipping conditions may require. They are ready for hookup to water, drain, ducts and electric power. 

Unit Features include: a five stage water wash cleaning process, single/dual strand sludge conveyors, stainless steel internal scrubbers, electronic water level control, no pumps, piping or nozzles.

Bag type unit

Eliminate up to 99.97% of airborne particulates in your plant air. Each unit meets or exceeds OSHA clean air requirements, and at the same time can help you to recover valuable materials and cut in-plant maintenance costs.

Standard features include: TEFC High efficiency motors (your choice of voltage), attenuator for quiet operation, Cotton Sateen or polyester Felt Bags, easily operated manual or automatic shaker, Fan and motor on clean air side of filter, Removable filter replacement made quick and easy with bag/rack system, Modular design to accept HEPA modules. As well, when there are a large quantity of sparks present, the unit can be ordered with a spark trap.

High efficiency cyclonic  from 300 to 15 000 CFM. An after filter section can be provided for each model for inside exhaust and fuel cost savings. Efficiencies of up to 99% can be attained on steel grinding applications and sawdust, while efficiencies of 80-85% can be attained on finer dust applications such as talc and starch.

Dusts and fibers not separated can be captured by optional after filtration. Also units can be fitted with either a hopper, drum or pullout drawer for dust storage. Other optional accessories include: Silencer, highly efficient noise attenuation, Inlet wear plate, reduces wear caused by abrasive dust, and Stainless Steel Construction for use in industries such as automotive, chemical, and food.


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