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Industrial vacuums including portable and central vacuum systems

Custom designed industrial vacuums. Choose from continuous duty portable vacuums or industrial vacuums. Central vacuum systems for all your industrial vacuum needs!

Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems

Portable Industrial Vacuum Systems custom designed to meet your tough vacuum requirements.

25 & 40 Hp Vacuum Systems

All our portable industrial vacuums are designed for continuous duty, and will handle even the finest powders without filter trouble. Exclusive triple filtration systems and reliable vacuum producers ensure years of trouble free performance.

  • The name to know for portable vacuums. Let us help you when you are selecting your next industrial portable vacuum.
  • We offer regeneratives, centrifugals, and positive displacement vacuums that will fit your needs.
  • Patent pending technology that allows continuous duty on the toughest substances like carbon, black toner, and color pigments to name a few
  • Heavy duty welded construction and heavy duty frames ensure years of heavy duty use in the harshest industrial applications
  • Our models are available with H.E.P.A filtration
  • Don’t be fooled by the competition.
  • Made in the USA.

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Portable Loader Hopper Vacuums

Processing Equipment specializes in industrial vacuums for any industrial vacuum application. From design, through fabrication and turnkey installations, you'll benefit from our many years of system design expertise. You'll find here a complete line of accessories including pipe, tubing and fittings as well as all hose, attachments and tools.

We offer properly designed central vacuum systems for industrial applications. With 20 years design experience, and all the pneumatic conveying software tools, the piping system you get will NOT plug!

Choose from centrifugal or positive displacement vacuum producers and pulse jet cleaned cartridge type or baghouse filters for your next central vacuum system.

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