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Dust Collector Systems

February 20, 2017

2/8/17 Testimonial Dust Collector Systems We recently upgraded the dust collector systems in our entire wood shop. Processing Equipment helped us through multiple iterations of this project over several years time. Processing Equipment offered some of the best ideas for our dust collector systems upgrade. It was through their ideas and solutions that helped us ultimately upgrade our shops wood dust collection system. I was impressed with the level of experience and knowledge Processing Equipment had regarding air handling and dust collectors. They were aware of all the new NFPA standards. Processing Equipment had all the technical knowledge regarding Dust Collector Systems we needed to help us make informed decisions about our dust collection system. Processing Equipment Incorporated has a professional low pressure sales approach that made it easy for us to work with them. We were able to work through the many options available regarding the dust collection project. Processing Equipment sized and resized all the duct work when we changed things around. They ran all the ducting calculations on the dust collector systems. Processing Equipment showed us all this on paper. The dust collection system Processing Equipment designed has far exceeded our performance expectations. Processing Equipment did all this and kept it at a price we were able to afford. Processing Equipment provided all the quick connect duct work we needed for the project along with all the special adapters. Processing Equipment walked us through every phase of the dust collector systems project requirements. I would recommend Processing Equipment Inc to any company that needs any help or assistance when it comes to dust collector systems design, dust collector maintenance, dust collector parts, and a thorough knowledge of how dust collectors work and function. In conclusion, Processing Equipment's knowledge of duct work, dust collectors, fans, design assistance and dust collection products exceeded our expectations. John Spirek, Owner Crown Stair, 1045 Georgetown Road Unit C-1, Lexington, KY 40511